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August 29, 2004

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Dear Missouri Falconer,


The summer is almost over and I hope everyone has molted well with happy hawks. My hawk will be rearing to go for the October Meet which is why I am sending out this notice. Many people had left the picnic last Saturday before the business meeting came to order.

For those of you who don’t know, every Hawk Meet through the year and then again at the picnic we hold a business meeting on the Saturday evening of each event. The meetings sometimes do not amount to much but most importantly you can vote as to where the next meet will be held.


The Picnic this year was grand with the most people that have ever attended one of our meets. The most money ever made at a raffle !!

Special Thanks go out to Stacia Novy for the excellent job done with the raffle. Also, Thanks out to everyone who came out and helped support our club.


___ Bob Payne of Liberty MO. was voted to continue as                                                                                                    President for our club for the following season.


___The October Meet will be held in Kansas City, MO.

       Beginning 7:30 am Saturday October 23rd.


Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the date and place of the next meet. Where to meet will be announced in the Sept/Oct newsletter. Speaking of newsletters, I need articles for the next newsletter. Tell your experience at the Apprenticeship Workshop !!

Or your first meet. Tell us what your new bird is like.

Please send articles to me by September 17 th .


Norma Jean Haynes

Sec/Tres  Missouri Falconers Association