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February 2006 Newsletter

Welcome to the February 2006 Edition of the MFA Newsletter. Thank you to those who sent in article's, pictures and reports. The orgaization welcomes submissions from the membership. Please submit all material to Norma Jean at  nhaynes@kc.rr.com . Pictures are a nice addition to the publication. When submitting pictures please use Jpeg format when possible.
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The Missouri Falconers Association has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. As the number of members increase, so do the creative ideas and various viewpoints on various issues pertaining to falconry in Missouri. Members are welcome to discuss their ideas at the business meetings that are held during the luncheon on Saturdays during an announced Field Meet. Another way to introduce a topic is to contact the club President Bob Payne  afurnituredoctor@juno.com  816 792 3998. It is important to funnel these ideas through the club leadership to keep the organization a unified voice for ALL the falconers of Missouri. 
Ted G.
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Missouri Falconers Association - February 2006