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Summer Eyas Picnic 2004 Thank You

Bob Payne, Liberty MO



The 2004 summer eyas picnic was great, and I am truly sorry if for some reason you couldn’t attend. The weather was quite nice, sunshine and in the low eighties. The Lyttle’s home and yard were shaded and there were lots of new faces and things to do.


This year the club’s focus was an apprentice workshop covering the handling of raptors and the making and use of jesses, leashes, lures and traps. I want to thank all of those that helped out for the time taken to prepare, set up, and run these workshops. I know that those that attended all the workshops got all the equipment that they created along with a bow perch that was made by Mike McDermott with materials provided by the club. These people got a chance to learn from experienced falconers and most importantly meet contacts at the picnic that will help them get a good start with the art and sport of falconry in the years to come.


What a great time we had this year getting together, meeting new people interested in the same passions, and sharing our experiences of past seasons in the great outdoors. We spent the day with food and drink, swimming, talking about hunts, past and future, equipment, dogs and pups, friendships and yes of course, those wonderful hawks.


Some hawks that showed up at the picnic, Tracy’s new peregrine, Tim’s new peregrine, Mike and Norma’s Harris’s, Mike’s redtail, Mindy’s new goshawk, David’s new prairie, and my new Harris’s.


The raffle was fun and a real highlight this year, with quite a number of diverse items available. Needless to say that it was the largest in the clubs history. Thank you Stacia Novy for putting it together. Artwork, hoods, equipment, tapes and books to mention just some of the things donated. Thanks to all that donated items, bought tickets and helped make this years raffle a real success.


When considering your future purchase of new equipment, please consider using the vendors that help support The Missouri Falconry Association.


The business meeting started late after the raffle and we discussed, the fall field meet date, the fourth weekend in October in Kansas City with Norma Haynes hosting.


Once again I want to thank the Lyttles, Jan and Rob for hosting the great event, and all those that helped out and made it our greatest picnic ever! People make a club, thanks to those that volunteer to help The Missouri Falconry Association, past, present, and future.


Bob Payne

Apprentice workshop 15 attending