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                               Missouri Falconers Association

                         2004 October Field Meet

                         Kansas City, Missouri


Host:    Norma J. Haynes

When:  October 23rd and 24th

Phone:  816 – 584 – 9936


Saturday Morning we will meet at Steak & Shake

4929 Old Pike Road at 7:30 AM.   Find Directions below.


Those of you arriving late can contact us by Bob’s cell to find out where we are hunting at the time.  816 – 507 – 9275

We will break for lunch at whatever time is convenient for the hunting party.


The club meeting will be held after or during dinner that evening at Bob or Norma’s house, or the group can decide if they want to have pizza in, or go out for dinner. If there is anyone who can’t make it to the meet , but would like something discussed at the meeting , ( like hosting one of the next meets in January or March 2005? Or maybe the next picnic 2005? ) Just call Bob or myself and let us know what you want brought up.


Anyone who wants to hunt Friday 22nd , and stay over that night call ahead and let me know. Otherwise between Bob’s place and my place we should have room enough for everyone to stay over on Saturday night. Please bring your sleeping bags and pillows.

Hope to see you there !!  We have not had a meet in KC since 1999. We called ourselves the “Western Missouri Hawking Club”,

that weekend for that is about all that showed up. Remember those not attending the meet may be voted in as next Secretary or Editor or something. Those attending the meet and taking photos also keep in mind we need pic’s for the next newsletter and articles.


Norma J. Haynes    2401 NW 53rd Terrace KC MO 64151



Those entering from the south would take 29 North  to Vivion Road. Take the exit 1 C, the sign says 69 hwy on it and Vivion Road. You will exit to the right and follow straight through the light to Steak & Shake on the right just after light.


Those from the north take 29 South to the Vivion Road exit to right, then turn right onto Vivion , at first stoplight go left on Old Pikes Road.

Steak & Shake on right.